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Carriers have several choices on being paid for the loads they do for FAK:

Regular pay: On an FAK paper check, via US Mail: Following receipt of satisfactory paperwork, Non-factored carriers are paid on the 30th day; Factored carriers are paid on the 22nd day. (If a carrier does not tell us they want a Quickpay, they will get a Regular pay.)

• A maximum advance of $500/day for the first 2 loads and no quick pays until after the 2nd load has successfully completed.

Quickpay One Day: Following receipt of satisfactory paperwork, the carrier gets paid within 24 hours for a 5% fee.

Quickpay Ten Day: Following receipt of satisfactory paperwork, the carrier gets paid on the tenth day for a 3% fee.

• This 5% or 3% fee will be calculated based on the total (linehaul plus FSC) pay to the truck shown on the FAK truck rate confirmation.

• Comcheck fee of $18.50 per $1,000 (or portion thereof) applies to a comcheck Quickpay.

• If the carrier chooses to get a Quickpay on an FAK check, there will be no comcheck fee.

• If you want a Quickpay, then either mail your originals (if required) or email your paperwork and invoice to quickpay@fakinc.com.

// If the carrier wants the FAK check FedEx’d or by other Express service, we either need the carrier’s FedEx or other account number, or the carrier will be charged FAK’s FedEx or other Express fee (deducted from the carrier’s check). //

For more information, please hit our website WWW.FAKINC.COM on the Carriers page, and see our Pay Policy link on that page. This page will also give Carriers more information on what kind of paperwork (originals or electronic copies) they need to send in, and also how they can send in that paperwork (How to get my paperwork to FAK so that I get paid as quickly as possible (electronic copies or original paperwork)).

Any questions, please email ap@fakinc.com, or if necessary, call us at 800-321-7182 x167. We prefer that you email us so we can research and better respond to your inquiry! Thank you!!